Leading Australian sub-specialist urogynaecologyists

At Sydney Urodynamic Centres we continually update our skills and knowledge of the latest developments in our speciality area of urogynaecology by:

  • attending and participating in all relevant national and international conferences
  • being actively involved in ongoing training and research
  • frequently hosting international guests and fellows to learn from and observe our clinical practice.

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The highest standards in patient care

We aim to provide the highest standard of care available in Australia by always:

  • identifying your patients correct diagnosis
  • recommending the best modality of treatment for you to follow up.

For this reason, we suggest you allow 2 weeks following your patients Urodynamic Study to receive our report. This allows time to do a complete check on the accuracy of the report.

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Urogynaecology educational information

To help you help your patients, we offer a number of free resources on our website including:

female Bladder Function Explained

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If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse or pelvic floor problems, our highly experienced team of urogynaecologists and nurses can help.

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We provide a wide range of specialist diagnostic services and medical management recommendations - to help you give your patients the best possible care.

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As leading sub-specialist urogynaecologists we are involved in training, research and publishing a range of educational material for patients and doctors.

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